About us

Jonathan Lockwood

I have been in photography ever since I studied it at college when I was 16 years old. I used to spend all my time in the darkroom playing with images and learning everything I could – yes, I guess I was a bit of a geek!┬áBut those early days gave me my passion for photography. I was very inexperienced but it gave me an opportunity to push myself.

For years I worked in the photographic lab side of the industry, working my way up to manager and training my staff to adhere to strict principles of quality when producing people’s photographs – doing so gave our store the opportunity to win an award for quality. It was back in 2011 that I decided to start a photography business, originally called ‘Inspired Photography’ it was 3 years later in 2014 that I renamed it to Ahuvi.┬áToday I am more passionate about photography than ever.

What makes us different?

Aside from the fact that we produce some stunning photography, it's our service that adds to everything we do.

Our photos are bright, cheerful and tend to be more natural which is the style we prefer as we believe it best to capture life in the best way but not to be over artistic and lose the essence of an image. That's why we spend time on each photograph editing it for colour and clarity and enhancing it to be the best it can be without it looking fake.
We're not the kind of people who just give you the images straight out of the camera either, we like to make sure that you receive quality images.

Not only do we love quality photographically, we also love quality of service. We provide a very professional yet personal service to our clients. It is very important to us that we operate with integrity and honesty, treating all people with respect no matter who they are.

Whether on a commercial shoot or at a wedding, we will always act professionally, but we also know that at a wedding in particular what's needed is to bring a vibe of fun and calmness - we're in a couple's faces for the entire day so we need to make sure that they and everyone else is enjoying themselves and feels relaxed, not stressed.
It's all part of who we are.